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Kid’s and Tech’s mission is to help children explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in fun ways and enable everyone access to STEM education and activities. Our goal is to provide a one-stop resource for parents and kids to find opportunities to explore STEM in their local communities.
  • Find fun community events in your area
  • Explore camps with need-based scholarships and free trials
  • Try some fun science experiments at home
Have fun with STEM


Kids and Tech helps you find need-based scholarships for camps, funds STEM-based equipment purchases and also offers our own scholarships.


Need some additional assistance with school work? We have some great free and low-cost tutoring options for you to explore.


Find fun science experiments, cool books, STEM games and educational video games that you can do at home to introduce STEM concepts at the early ages.

Community Activities

Check out some fun things to do around town to introduce STEM, build curiosity and nurture your young students.

STEM Camps

We compiled a great list of upcoming camps – many of which offer need-based scholarships. Register early before they fill up.

Upcoming Events

There are a ton of fun STEM-related events coming out. Check out our calendar to find events near you for all ages.

Science Experiments

Want to instill a love of science and creativity with your children? Here are some simple science experiments you and your kids can do at home. The process is intriguing and the overall results are breathtaking.  Have fun! Important Note: Kids, be sure to do these experiments with a parent or guardian and wear protective gear to keep you safe.

Cool Books

Have you struggled to find educational books that your kids would enjoy reading? Well look no further, because here is a list of some of the best books for your kids to read that you would definitely approve of.

STEM Games

Games aren’t only played to have fun, you can learn from them too! Here is a list of games that will not only teach your kids about STEM related topics, but they will have fun along the way.

Video Games

Most people believe that video games destroy brain cells, but that is just a myth. There are plenty of video games that were made just for education, even if they don’t look that way. Here is a list of some of the most educational and fun video games of all time.